Eat My Granola!

hand crafted

subtly sweetened

naturally delicious

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Always All Natural, Low Sugar, Allergen Friendly Granola

Eat My Granola only uses a tiny bit of all natural sugar - honey, and a little bit of oil - pictured is all natural honey

Low Glycemic

Low sugar, Less fat - rest assured knowing our granola has a minimum of all natural sweeteners and oils into our recipes

Organic, Natural, and Whole Ingredients

None of that artificial flavoring nonsense or ingredients that you cannot pronounce

Eat My Granola allergy friendly granola in a bowl with a glass of milk

Diet and Allergen Friendly

Granola blends with allergies/dietary needs covered - keto, low glycemic index, plant based/vegan, coconut free, and custom crafted

Granola How To

What IS In Your Granola

Always gluten free and organically sourced :

Unsweetened coconut
Nuts: Walnuts, cashews, pecans, peanuts & almonds
Seeds: Chia, sesame, pumpkin, sunflowers and flax
Raw, unfiltered honey
Maple syrup
Coconut nectar
Olive oil
Coconut oil
Over 13 dynamic spices
Flame raisins
Pumpkin puree
Sugar/oil free peanut butter
Almond butter
Cocoa nibs

Eat My Granola bowl with granola and fruit

They Ate Our Granola

Eat My Granola is one of a kind and so so delicious. We love all the flavors and it disappears FAST in our house. We love that Deb seeks out the best ingredients and creates something special and tasty.

Kelly & Chris, Virginia

Heck Yeah, I'll Eat Your Granola! This granola is the freshest, most flavorful granola I've ever had. The balance of flavors is just pure perfection. I've enjoyed the Walnut Raisin, Almond Chai, Jamocha Mama and one of my faves...Orange Cardamom Cashew with Greek yogurt and a little bit of honey added. Keep up the great work EMG!!!

D & T, New Jersey

I bought the keto granola Friday. It’s Sunday, and I’m almost out. I don’t think I can make it until next Friday. It’s so good. I use coconut milk and have had it for breakfast and dessert in the evenings.

S. Morrision, Old City Market